You are more beautiful than you think.

As I was absent-mindedly scrolling through Facebook this morning, I came across this link that actually grabbed me. It’s not often that there is something that I just have to share but this video brought tears to my eyes. We are so hard on ourselves and as it is often said, “we are our own worst critic.” We see flaws that most people don’t see or might not even characterize as a flaw. The airbrushed media images are not our guidelines. You ARE beautiful. Embrace your beauty.

Copy and paste in your browser. Love, love!


Meet the Fam

Since I will probably be referencing my family members quite often, I’ll give you a little diddy about each one.

B.J. (short for Benjamin James) = Husband. B.J. is probably one of the most amazing men you would ever meet. (I said one of; I know there are some great men out there.) I have erased the start of my description three times because regular words like “kind” and “loving” just don’t cut the mustard. If there were a scale for kindness and lovey-ness from 1-10, he would be an 11. He puts up with my neurotic ways and helps calm me down. He is smart, funny, and has a work ethic that most employers never see. He is a spiritual leader and is open-minded. Having B.J’s number in your cell phone is having someone you can depend on for anything. Plus he has a babyface…so when I’m 70, I’ll look like I’m robbin the cradle ;).

Layla (aka Layla Bug) = daughter. Layla Grace is 3 and a half years old. But she thinks she is 15. Ug. She is a firecracker but has a heart the size of Texas. Her vocabulary astounds me almost every day and the way her little mind works blows mine. She already steals my lipgloss and jewelry, which makes me nervous for when she really is 15! She is beautiful inside and out and keeps me on my toes. There is no fooling this little one. Although, the promise of sourpatch kids can get her to do just about anything. She loves her little bubby and treats him with love and gentleness (until she wants to squeeze him because he’s so cute!) She is all the best qualities of B.J. and I combined, only better.

Cash (aka Baby Cash) = son. Cash James Joseph is 13 weeks. He melts my heart. When I am in a bad mood I literally feel the bad juju wash away when he smiles at me. And if he has eaten, then he is smiling ;). Such a sweet temperament for such a little baby. Oh, and he sleeps 11 hours already 🙂

If you were to tell me I was a lucky woman, I would say that is the biggest understatement. I am blessed beyond measure and constantly thank God that he has given me this family while we’re here.